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PI System(TM):
Your blood pressure is constantly changing. Zewa’s blood pressure monitors will take those changes into consideration and adjust to your pressure each time you measure. Personalized Inflation results in a faster more accurate reading.

Reminder Function:
Never forget to take your blood pressure again with Zewa's reminder function. Our MFM-007 Multi Function Blood Pressure Monitor will remind you to take your blood pressure every day at the same time. Taking your blood pressure will also remind you to take your blood pressure medication.

2 Memory Groups:
Most Zewa monitors feature 2 memory groups. This allows 2 users to share the same blood pressure monitor, but save their readings in their own memory group.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection:
Most Zewa blood pressure monitors can detect irregular heartbeat while your blood pressure is beeing measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an indicator icon will appear. This feature is not intended to diagnose irregular heartbeat, this determination can only be made by your physician.

Average Function:
Our innovative blood pressure monitors average all blood pressure readings. One blood pressure measurement is not sufficient to determine high blood pressure. Our blood pressure monitors will average all readings and give you a better understanding of your blood pressure.

Advanced Average Function:
Our Advanced Average Function averages all blood pressure readings and also all AM and PM readings. This information can be very important to your physician to determine when high blood pressure occurs.

Hypertension Indicator:
This feature categorizes your blood pressure readings into normal, pre-hypertensive and hypertensive using JNC7 standards. The following table is used to determine the classification:

Blood Pressure Table







High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

Stage 1



Stage 2



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